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The University of Nebraska–Lincoln is a world-class institution right in the heart of this amazing city. Literally—campus is right in the middle of downtown. We invite you, yes you, to be a part of this vibrant, ever-changing community of learners, thinkers, tinkerers, artists, and entrepreneurs.

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1. Wait, President Lincoln is still alive? How did that happen?

His heart is still beating. That’s how that works, right?

2. Wasn’t he assassinated though? And it’s like 150 years later?

If he’s in the videos, that would be impossible! Next question.

3. Why does Abe live in Lincoln? Isn't he from Illinois?

What, you've never heard of a moving truck? Lincoln is pretty cool, tbh.

4. Is the Star City Classic real?

If you believe it in your heart.

5. Is Bulu Box real? What do they do?

Bulu Box is a Lincoln-based technology startup that offers customers a monthly subscription sample box containing 4 to 5 premium vitamin and supplement nutrition samples. Their goal is to introduce people to the benefits of vitamins and supplements by giving them the opportunity to discover and try new products before buying them in full size.

6. Maiah seems like kind of a jerk. Why is she so mean to Abe?

Maiah isn’t a jerk, she’s a Slytherin! She’s clever, resourceful, and determined—with a certain disregard for the rules.

7. How come Abe doesn’t wear his stovetop hat all the time? It’s iconic!

It’s 2017. He may be a bit weird, but he’s not THAT weird.

8. Did Maiah really keep Pharrell in her bag while she was running?

Running with a hamster in your bag is a bad idea. Don't do it.

9. What does any of this have to do with Nebraska?

Abe and Maiah are proud to call Lincoln home, and we are too. Nebraska wants you to see what our thriving economy, young entrepreneurial class, and buzzing arts, music, and technology scenes are all about. If you're interested in learning more about what school is like here, we invite you to head over to